We have outlined below a number of the answers to our most frequently-asked questions, but should your question not be here, please do get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Why should we use WorkwithYork for our staffing needs?

Please visit our Looking for Staff page and take a look at the reasons why you should choose us for your ad hoc, temporary and permanent staffing requirements.

What kinds of staff can you offer us?

We have over 1000 multi-skilled, quality staff registered with us for either ad hoc, seasonal, temporary or permanent work, working across a wide and diverse range of roles and work areas WorkwithYork fulfil hundreds of permanent and temporary recruitment requests every year. Some are straightforward, some very specialist, but all our candidates have two things in common;

  • the right skills and experience for your vacancy
  • the reliability and trustworthiness that only comes with our rigorous vetting and interview procedures.

Unlike our temps, permanent staff are part of your company. This means the staff member we introduce to you signs your contract, so you are in control of pay, holidays, and notice periods to suit your company’s needs.

What if someone you introduce to us has already applied directly or through another agency?

Then they must be a REALLY good fit! We do our best to ensure we know which jobs our candidates have already applied for and with who, but sometimes a double-application will slip through the net. As you are already aware of this person’s interest, no fee will be applicable should you employ them.

What happens if we find the permanent member of staff is not the right fit/leaves?

With such a rigorous recruitment process, it is rare this happens. However, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. For your peace of mind, we have a 12 week rebate period, detailed in our ToB’s.

How do we pay for staff?

Temporary staff

Our temporary staff are paid on a weekly basis (a week in arrears) and organisations are sent a monthly invoice. We offer a simple and efficient online timesheet system for temporary staff to input their hours ‘on the go’ and organisations are able to authorise or dispute timesheets easily and efficiently. Once timesheets are authorised they will appear on our system to download for payment. Deadline for all authorised timesheets is Monday at 12 noon.

One of the features of our online timesheet system is that you will have access to all previous timesheets and can export excel records to help with your financial management.

We handle weekly payroll in-house for our ad hoc and temporary staff, because we like to do things right and not use third party umbrella companies. We cover fees for each payroll run, pay National Insurance contributions and holiday pay at the full average hourly rate

Permanent staff

We are very transparent with what this cost will be from the start, and it is usually found to be nominal compared to the cost of advertising, man power, and compensating for the gap in your team during a lengthy internal process. This fee is only payable on the day one of our candidates starts work for you, so there really is nothing to lose.

How can I make a booking?

You can either complete the ‘get in touch’ form on the Looking for Staff page or contact us on 01904 566066.

Who do I contact if I have a query regarding my invoices or approval of timesheets?

You will need to contact our payroll department which is open Monday-Friday from 8.30am-5.00pm – please call 01904 566066.